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Make Dental Hygiene Fun: Part Two

May 26, 2016

Getting kids to brush their teeth can seem like a terribly difficult feat. Even if you can get them to brush, they might be fighting it the whole way…and who knows if they brushed for two minutes! While these tasks might seem impossible to achieve, there are simple ways to make oral care not only fun, but effective for kids. Check out the continuation of our last blog:


Books and Videos

Check out a children’s book from the library that encourages healthy oral care habits. You can also show your child a fun video about dental hygiene for kids. Stories and videos that are designed for children are great for teaching kids how to take care of their teeth and for making oral health something that they can relate to.

Special Toothpaste

Your child’s toothpaste can even be amusing! Your five year old may not run to the bathroom to use plain, minty toothpaste, but they can look forward to a good time cleaning his teeth with a strawberry or watermelon flavored toothpaste.

Gold Stars

To make brushing twice a day and flossing more enjoyable create your own gold star reward system. You and your child can decorate a poster with teeth, toothbrushes, healthy snacks, and other oral health themes to represent the days of the month. Give your child a sticker to put on the poster every time they brush their teeth.

Dentist Visit Surprise

Regular check ups are another important part of good dental hygiene for kids. Visits to the dentist every six months help keep your child’s smile sparkling and healthy. Surprise your child after the appointment with some fun family time. Head to the park or plan a picnic with healthy foods for healthy teeth.

So, there you have it. Who knew that encouraging great dental care in your children could be this simple? If it seems like they are reluctant, don’t give up! Your child’s teeth are very important, and making sure that they take care of them is something they will definitely thank you for it later.