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Restorative Dentistry – Palm Harbor, FL

Fighting Back Against Decay & Damage

Tooth decay is the most widespread chronic childhood disease – more widespread than diabetes, obesity, or even asthma. Even if you and your child make all the right choices and practice all the best habits, cavities could still appear. The good news is that you have reliable pediatric dentists like Dr. Maggie and Dr. Lorielle who can detect and treat all kinds of decay – from very small cases that have only just begun to severe infections. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your child and stop cavities before they cause lasting damage with restorative dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL.

Why Choose Dr. Maggie Davis & Associates for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Dental Insurance Welcomed and Accepted
  • Family-Friendly, Spa-Like Environment
  • Two Board-Certified Pediatric Dentists

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Young girl smiling after silver diamine Florida treatment

Did you know that some cavities don’t need to be drilled and filled? Our dental office utilizes SDF to help prevent small cavities from turning into large ones. This is often an effective way to treat cavities in pre-cooperative children, special needs children, or teeth that would be falling out within a few years. It’s absolutely painless and requires a few minutes to apply.

Pulp Therapy

Young girl smiling after pulp therapy

Ideally, we’ll catch and treat any decay while it’s still on the surface of your child’s teeth. Of course, sometimes the bacteria may have already reached the pulp inside a tooth, causing inflammation as well as no small amount of pain. To stop the damage from spreading to other teeth, pulp therapy may be recommended. Children can receive two types of pulp therapy: a pulpotomy where only the tissue that has already been damaged is taken out, and a pulpectomy where the pulp is removed entirely.

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Dental Crowns

Teen boy smiling after dental crown treatment

Even after the cause of tooth decay has been removed, we’ll still need to do something about the enamel that has already been lost; the tooth’s structure won’t grow back, and re-mineralization can only do so much. If you don’t want your child to lose their tooth altogether, we recommend getting a dental crown to protect and strengthen what’s left of their dental structure. We offer durable (mercury-free) metal crowns or tooth-colored zirconia crowns, which provide highly esthetic results and prevent children from becoming self- conscious.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist checking child's tooth colored filling

If a cavity is caught and treated early enough, it probably won’t require a crown. Instead, we can quickly replace the missing enamel with a tooth-colored composite resin. Naturally, this material makes it easier to keep your child’s smile looking as natural as possible once it has been appropriately shaded and blended to match the surrounding enamel. It will also directly bond with the tooth itself, supporting it and preventing further breaks.