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Curing Cavities with Composites

August 31, 2015

At Dr. Maggie Davis’s office we do our best to teach children how to take care of their teeth, so they don’t get cavities. However sometimes, even when kids keep up good oral hygiene, they can still get a cavity. While we can’t really “cure” a cavity, the pediatric dentists that work with Dr. Maggie Davis can prevent one from decaying further by filling it up with our favorite material: Composite resin.

Composite filings are the tooth-colored fillings we prefer to use. Not only are they inconspicuous, they are easy to apply and are better than silver fillings because we don’t have to remove as much tooth to place them.

Here’s how they work:

  • We numb the tooth so your child won’t feel a thing.
  • Next, we remove only the decayed portion of the tooth.
  • We paint a bonding material into the cavity.
  • Next, come the layers of composite resin.
  • A special light cures the resin and bonds the filling in place.
  • Dr. Maggie then shapes, and polishes the filling so it looks just like your child’s tooth.

Cavities are no fun, but with Dr. Maggie Davis your child is in good hands when it comes time to fill them. Scheduling your child’s appointments at regular intervals can tip us off to cavities before they become severe, and help keep your child’s chompers clean and cavity free. Schedule your appointment today.