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3 Benefits of Taking Your Child to See a Female Pediatric Dentist

January 24, 2024

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a woman pediatric dentist cleaning a child's teeth

It can be difficult to hand over the reigns of caring for your child to a healthcare professional, whether it’s a pediatrician or pediatric dentist. An important key is to build a trusting relationship with them, and it’s an added bonus if they’re also a parent, as they’ll likely view situations more from your point of view. When you take your little one to visit the pediatric dentist, especially when they’re younger, it can be an anxiety-inducing event. However, there are some unique benefits that you and your child could enjoy by visiting a female pediatric dentist that would make the overall experience a more positive one.

An Emphasis on Prevention

While this can vary from provider-to-provider, you may find that female pediatric dentists place more of an emphasis on prevention, which could save you from costly children’s dental bills down the road. This means that instead of having to treat a painful tooth infection that your child is suffering from, they may be able to catch the dental concern early on while it’s still a cavity, meaning your child will only require a filling.  

Less Anxiety & Fear

It may be the case that your pediatric dentist is a mom as well, which can be a massive bonus! Moms have a great way of easing anxiety and minimizing fear, which could put your child’s active mind at-ease while they’re in the treatment chair. This is especially crucial if they have just started visiting the dentist and are still young, as these early experiences will shape whether they feel comfortable going to their pediatric dentist’s office on a regular basis. If so, you’ll find that they put up less of a fuss and may even be excited whenever they hear they have a checkup and cleaning!

Better Parent Communication & Education

It’s not uncommon for pediatric dentists who are women to be better communicators with parents and children. Depending on their approach, you may find them spending extra time educating you on ways to keep your favorite growing smile healthy and happy and asking questions to get to know both you and your child better!

About the Practice

At Dr. Maggie Davis & Associates Pediatric Dentists, our team is all-woman-led! Our three pediatric dentists, Drs. Maggie, Lorielle, and Kathryn, understand and appreciate just how stressful being a parent can be, which is why they always strive to lighten parents’ loads. By providing high-quality, personalized dentistry for growing smiles rooted in parent collaboration, our team is able to offer parents expertise and confidence that their little ones are in capable and trustworthy hands. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit our website or call 727-786-7551.

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