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5 Weird Signs That Your Child Is Dehydrated

May 6, 2022

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child holding water after showing signs of dehydration

If your child is like other kiddos, they can’t get enough time playing in the water. Whether in the pool or on the beach, they love to cool down from the summer heat by taking a dip. While having adventures and fun in the sun, it can be easy for your child to forget to drink water throughout the day; however, staying hydrated is important in countless ways for their well-being!

How can you tell if your child has had sufficient water intake? You can monitor them and look out for these signs of dehydration!

Your Child’s Mouth Feels Dry

When your child’s body doesn’t have enough water, it limits how much saliva can be produced. As a result, the inside of their mouth and their tongue can feel sticky or even dry out. This creates an environment where harmful bacteria can grow and thrive, increasing your little one’s risk for cavities and gum infections. On the other hand, when your child stays hydrated, their mouth can make saliva and wash away more plaque and bacteria.

Depending on the age of your child, you can use several methods to tell whether their mouth is dry. For babies, watch to see whether they are drooling. Although drooling can ebb and flow, there is usually a little bit, so if you don’t see any drool, it could mean their mouth is dry.

With older kids, you can ask them periodically, but if they are having fun, chances are they won’t necessarily want to take a water break. Look at the corners of their mouth, if they have a white, sticky dot, their mouth could be getting dry enough to need water.

Your Child Has Stinky Breath

Another consequence of giving oral bacteria a warm, dry environment is bad breath. These bacteria produce an acid that not only causes tooth decay and inflammation but also releases a foul odor. The water your child drinks, as well as the saliva their mouth produces, neutralizes this acid, helping them have better breath and a lowered risk for cavities.

Your Child’s Urine Is Dark

One easy way to tell whether your child needs to consume more fluids is through the color of their urine. As a general rule, the lighter urine is, the more hydrated you are. If it is a pale yellow, you are probably drinking enough water, but as you become dehydrated, it becomes darker. If possible, keep an eye on the color of your child’s urine if they are exhibiting other symptoms of dehydration.

Your Child Feels Tired and Cranky

Your child’s body depends on water to deliver nutrients to muscles, which is why they can feel fatigue if they aren’t getting enough fluids. Dehydration can also interfere with sleep, causing further problems with energy throughout the day. However, if your child has enough water, their body can function more optimally and smoothly and lead to a happier attitude.

Your Child Has a Headache

Although the connection is still a mystery to scientists, many people experience headaches or even migraines when they are mildly or moderately dehydrated. In fact, one of the first remedies for a headache is to drink more water!

In the end, as the temperature continues to climb this summer, your child needs to stay hydrated in order to be safe and healthy. Just make sure they drink plenty of water in between their times at the pool!

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