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Meet Your Teeth

October 3, 2016

Did you know that there are four different types of teeth in your mouth? It’s true! Each different type of tooth in your mouth performs a different function and plays its own role in helping you eat, chew, and speak. To better care for your little one’s teeth, it helps to know a bit more about each of their jobs.


Incisors are the teeth in the front of the mouth that help support your lips. There are eight straight, flat teeth – four on top and four on bottom – and they all work to help you chew your food and correctly pronounce words.


On the sides of your incisors are your canine teeth. Everyone has four canine teeth that help to cut through food and also support the lips. These pointed teeth, known as cuspids by dentists, work to guide all of your teeth into place as your upper and lower jaw fits together.


Your bicuspids, or premolars, are found behind your canine teeth. These premolars are flat on top and are important for maintaining the height of your face and helping you chew your food. Every adult has four premolars on top and four on bottom.


Your molars are your twelve widest and flattest teeth located behind your premolars. Four of these molars are your wisdom teeth that are the last to erupt during young adulthood. Keeping these molars clean and cavity free can be difficult since they’re in a hard to reach spot of your mouth, but a slim toothbrush can help you reach them. Similarly to your premolars, molars help keep the height of your face and help when you chew your food. The molars in your bottom jaw have two roots and your top molars have three.

To keep each one of your teeth healthy and cavity free, it’s essential to brush and floss every day, eat healthy, and visit your dentist regularly. By teaching your little ones healthy oral care habits early on, you’ll help them maintain a smile that they can be proud of! To schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Maggie, give us a call today!

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