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13 Dec, 2018

Smile About These Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Stocking stuffers are one of those things parents rarely spend a lot of time thinking about. They tend to just grab whatever small items they can think of or that are easy to find, such as candy, gums, sweet treats, and tiny toys. Grabbing these types of items may be a quick and easy solution, [...]

12 Apr, 2018

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body: How Practicing Good Oral Hygiene Can Help Prevent Your Child From Becoming Overweight

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When parents work with their children to help them focus on good oral health habits, they can also help them avoid the poor eating habits that can lead to being overweight or obese. Because weight can be a delicate topic for people of any age, many parents find it difficult to discuss it with their [...]

4 Dec, 2017

Infant Oral Care

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Going to the dentist for regular routine checkups might be second nature to you, but what about your infant? When should they start going to the dentist? What should you be doing to care for your baby's teeth and gums? These are probably questions that you have asked yourself at one point or another. Luckily, [...]

27 Jul, 2017

Everything You Wanted To Know About Losing Teeth

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One of the most exciting milestones your child reaches between the ages of six and eight is the loss of their baby teeth. This is one of the only times they’ll actually see their bodies change and grow. Children often have many questions about why and how their teeth fall out, and parents don’t often [...]

31 Aug, 2015

Curing Cavities with Composites

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At Dr. Maggie Davis’s office we do our best to teach children how to take care of their teeth, so they don’t get cavities. However sometimes, even when kids keep up good oral hygiene, they can still get a cavity. While we can’t really “cure” a cavity, the pediatric dentists that work with Dr. Maggie [...]