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4 Dec, 2017

Infant Oral Care

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Going to the dentist for regular routine checkups might be second nature to you, but what about your infant? When should they start going to the dentist? What should you be doing to care for your baby's teeth and gums? These are probably questions that you have asked yourself at one point or another. Luckily, [...]

10 Nov, 2017

Brushing your Baby’s Teeth: How to Start a Healthy Habit

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Brushing your child's teeth may be just another daunting task that is added to your daily parenting "to do" list, but it is more than just a daily task. It is the beginning of your child's journey to establishing good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.   Establishing a good oral hygiene routine [...]

18 Oct, 2017

Understanding Tongue and Lip Ties

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Tongue and lip ties can affect a baby’s ability to move their lips and tongue and feed, especially if the baby is breastfed. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Maggie Davis, can examine your baby’s mouth to determine if he or she is tongue or lip tied and perform a frenectomy to release the tissue and promote normal lip and tongue [...]

21 Sep, 2017

Understanding Interceptive Orthodontics

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While it is common to see braces and other orthodontic treatments on middle schoolers and teenagers, the use of braces and other types of interceptive orthodontics can be beneficial for children as young as five years old. Interceptive orthodontics, or phase one orthodontics is an exciting tool for pediatric dentists because it enables us to [...]

15 Aug, 2017

Chewing Gum is Great For Oral Health

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Candy is arguably bad for your oral health. Sugars that are in sweets can lead to serious cases of dental decay that can call for fillings, root canals and various degrees of dental work. However, there is one type of candy that can provide oral health benefits, and that is sugar-free chewing gum. While it [...]

27 Jul, 2017

Everything You Wanted To Know About Losing Teeth

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One of the most exciting milestones your child reaches between the ages of six and eight is the loss of their baby teeth. This is one of the only times they’ll actually see their bodies change and grow. Children often have many questions about why and how their teeth fall out, and parents don’t often [...]

15 Jun, 2017

Feed Your Kid’s Teeth with Vitamins

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As a parent you’re often worried about every aspect of your child’s life. From their diet and activity level to their overall and oral health. It may not come as a surprise that what you choose to feed your kids can have an impact on all of those things. If you want to keep your [...]

15 May, 2017

Benefits of Braces

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As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Maggie sees a lot of kids that would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces are an extremely common recommendation for children both young and entering adolescence. It is common knowledge that braces can help to straighten your child’s smile, but what you may not know is that braces can be a [...]

11 Apr, 2017

Your Pressing Questions About Baby Teeth Answered

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Teething. It’s one of the most exciting stages of a baby’s life, and one of the more confusing and sometimes frustrating for a new parent. As these little teeth emerge our babies grow into toddlers excited to see what those new baby teeth can do. While we may be excited for our kids to try [...]

16 Mar, 2017

Why Do We Brush Twice a Day?

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You have probably heard your dentist say—on more than one occasion-- that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, you may not know why brushing two times daily is important. Here are a few reasons for this popular dental recommendation: Plaque is continually produced. When you eat, leftover bits of food [...]