This year marks the 32nd Annual Festival of Trees event hosted by the Arc Tampa Bay Foundation. As your local Palm Harbor pediatric dentist, we’re participating this year by donating a tree to be on display at this year’s event. Our office is beginning to decorate our tree called “AllI Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!” You can find our tree on display November 18th through the 20th at The Long Center. For more information please visit: With the holidays around the corner, chances are your family will be eating more sweets and your kids are probably excited about getting to eat their fair share of sugar at this year’s family party or school event. Even though the holidays are often accompanied by soda, candy, cookies, and cake, there are plenty of ways to help protect your little one’s teeth without missing out on the fun! Here are some tips to keep in mind for this holiday season:
  • Be sure that your kids brush shortly after eating a sugary snack. By rinsing and brushing, this will help to wash away sugar and acids that could cause damage to their teeth.
  • Incorporate your dessert into your holiday meals. By eating sweets at the same time as a balanced meal, it helps to neutralize acids and displace some of that sugar.
  • Make toothbrushing fun for your kiddos by celebrating with holiday toothbrushes or colored floss. By making good oral hygiene habits enjoyable for your kids, you’ll be encouraging a lifetime of healthy smiles.
If your little ones are hoping for their two front teeth this Christmas, be sure to teach them the importance of good dental habits all year round. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s and every holiday in between, don’t forget to give your teeth the gift of some TLC this holiday season!