Exams & X-Rays

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Comprehensive First Exam

An early pediatric dental visit to establish a dental home and provides a foundation upon which a lifetime of preventative education and oral health care can be built. Early detection and management of oral conditions can improve a child’s oral health and general well being. Timely recognition of dental disease and malocclusions can prevent more extensive and expensive care as well. Our goal as your Tampa Bay area pediatric dentist is to be your dental home, a place where you bring your child for comprehensive, continuously accessible, compassionate, coordinated, and family-centered care.

Regular Check Up Visits

It is necessary to see our patients every 6 months, however, some patients require examination and preventative services at more frequent intervals. This is based on our findings from previous exams and x-rays, and certain risk factors. As you know, children grow very quickly and their habits, diets and behaviors constantly change. This is why we need to see your child at least twice a year, even if they have never had a cavity.

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Consultation or Second Opinions

Kids deserve the very best treatment available. If you have been to another office and are not completely satisfied, or have been referred to our practice, we would be happy to see your child for a problem-focused exam. At that time, we may order necessary dental x-rays in order to thoroughly reach a diagnosis and offer our best recommendations. If you have recent, quality dental x-rays from another office, please have them available to us prior to your appointment in our pediatric dental office in Palm Harbor.

Emergency Exam

As pediatric dentists, we are very accustomed to seeing accidents that result in injury to the mouth. We’re here for you! If your child cracks or breaks a tooth, knocks out a primary or permanent tooth or has a severe toothache that cannot wait, give our offices a call right away. We’ll be able to treat them as soon as possible and ensure that this accident doesn’t hinder or delay the development of their adult teeth.

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Digital X-Rays

We prescribe our x-rays based on the latest guidelines from the American Dental Association (ADA). We take our first set of x-rays based on a child’s need, NOT based on their age. Rather, our pediatric dentists review what we see in their mouth, assess risk factors, and judiciously decide if x-rays can optimize patient care.

Rest assured that our office utilizes the most current digital radiograph technology. We also minimize radiation exposure by protecting your child with a lead apron that includes a thyroid collar. The benefit of diagnosing potentially life threatening dental infections, far outweigh the minimal radiation risks when prescribed appropriately.

*Did you know? In most instances, the amount of radiation exposure of a set of bitewing films is equivalent to a little over one half-day of naturally occurring environmental radiation exposure.

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