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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

If your child avoids smiling because they’re not confident in their smile due to misshapen or broken teeth, cosmetic tooth bonding may be the answer. Our pediatric dentists will review x-rays to determine the best treatment, and can use composite resin filling to restore decayed, chipped, fractured, or misshapen teeth to their original form.

It is sometimes necessary to work with an orthodontist to achieve optimal results. Fortunately, our office has the unique advantage of having an Orthodontist, Dr. Alex Johnson, located right next door. We can often work together to correct peg-shaped incisors, short incisors, or teeth that have pits, irregularities, or naturally occurring white, yellow, or brown spots.

 Teeth Whitening

A negative self-image due to a discolored tooth or teeth can have serious consequences on adolescents. Professional bleaching products penetrate through the outer layers of enamel to oxidize and neutralize stains.

Did you know: Poor brushing and plaque buildup can make the teeth appear 3-4 shades darker?

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