Dr. Maggie’s goal is to turn each of her awesome patients into tooth-loving tots as soon as possible. But even if they’ve been seeing her since they were toddlers, some kids just don’t like to brush their teeth. As parents, you know that keeping those primary teeth clean and healthy is extremely important to their growth and development. If your child is going through a no-brushing phase, here are some tips to help encourage healthy habits.

One reason kids don’t enjoy brushing and flossing is because they have to stand in one spot for a long time to get the job done correctly. Making these two minutes twice a day is fun and easy if you play music for your child to brush to. Choose a fun two-minute song and boogie while you brush.

Children also love to watch their parents, so brush your teeth when they brush theirs. By showing your child how you brush your teeth, they’ll want to be just like dad and brush their teeth while he’s brushing his.

Kids also love to see their progress. A brushing calendar is a great way to get your tots excited about brushing their teeth. Simply divide calendar days in two and have your child place a sticker each time they brush and floss. Positive reinforcement with books, or a new toothbrush, are great rewards to encourage your child to continue with this healthy habit.

There are many ways you can encourage your children to form healthy oral habits. If you have any questions about how to help your child enjoy brushing their teeth, ask Dr. Maggie today!