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6 Feb, 2020

Not So Sweet Valentine Treats

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For children, Valentine's Day often consists of a holiday party at daycare or school, followed by their parents providing them with sweet treats. However, it is important to limit the number of sweets you give to your child on Valentine's Day or any other day. Here is some advice from our pediatric dental specialists about [...]

7 Jan, 2020

The Importance of Calcium In Oral Health

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Minerals like phosphorus and Vitamin D play a key role in the formation and development of healthy teeth, gums, and jawbones. Since children still have moldable, softer bones during the early growth stages of their lives, it is important to incorporate a diet heavy in calcium in order for them to grow properly and develop [...]

5 Dec, 2019

Toddlers and Tongue Health

By |December 5th, 2019|Dr. Maggie Davis, Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

When teaching your kids how to brush and floss their teeth, have you instructed them on how to brush their tongues? The tongue has a plethora of places where bacteria can hide. If it isn’t brushed or scraped, those bacteria flourish, even if the teeth and gums are completely cleaned of all food particles and [...]

7 Oct, 2019

Best Ways To Limit Sugar This Halloween

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For kids, one of the best nights of the year is Halloween. After all, they get to dress as their favorite scary character or favorite cartoon character and walk around the neighborhood collecting bags and buckets of delicious candy. Unfortunately, all that sugar can lead to cavities and oral health problems. In order to limit [...]

15 Oct, 2018

Avoiding Choking Hazards This Halloween

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Halloween is one of those holidays that has a lot of prep work involved. There is the obvious prep work you need to do such as planning parties, purchasing candy, planning trick-or-treat routes, and picking out costumes,  but there is one thing you should be doing that isn’t so obvious – removing choking hazards. There [...]

18 Jul, 2018

Motivating Your Child to Brush All Summer

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Summer is the time that your child looks forward to all year long -- and now you might deal with the "but it's summer" answer whenever you tell them to do something. While there are plenty of times that you can relax the usual rules during the summer -- late bedtime, for example -- teeth [...]

15 Jun, 2018

Talking to Your Kids About Losing Baby Teeth

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Many young children are apprehensive about losing their baby teeth -- especially when it's the first one. As a parent, you can ease that nervousness considerably if you just know the right things to say. Below, you'll learn how to talk to your children about losing baby teeth, the right way. Wait for the Right [...]

15 Aug, 2017

Chewing Gum is Great For Oral Health

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Candy is arguably bad for your oral health. Sugars that are in sweets can lead to serious cases of dental decay that can call for fillings, root canals and various degrees of dental work. However, there is one type of candy that can provide oral health benefits, and that is sugar-free chewing gum. While it [...]

15 Jun, 2017

Feed Your Kid’s Teeth with Vitamins

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As a parent you’re often worried about every aspect of your child’s life. From their diet and activity level to their overall and oral health. It may not come as a surprise that what you choose to feed your kids can have an impact on all of those things. If you want to keep your [...]

16 Mar, 2017

Why Do We Brush Twice a Day?

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You have probably heard your dentist say—on more than one occasion-- that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, you may not know why brushing two times daily is important. Here are a few reasons for this popular dental recommendation: Plaque is continually produced. When you eat, leftover bits of food [...]