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23 Apr, 2020

Saliva and Your Child’s Oral Health

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Your child’s oral health is very important. There’s a lot going on in their little mouths that need to be taken care of from the time they are born. Did you know that the saliva in your child’s mouth provides them with a “natural bath” until it’s time to brush their teeth? It’s true. Think [...]

16 May, 2019

What to Do When Your Child Has a Cavity

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Cavities tend to happen when you least expect it. You take your child in for a regular routine dental check-up, just to be surprised when the dentist tells you that your child has a cavity. Now, what do you do? Don’t Panic or Get Upset It is extremely important that you don’t panic or get [...]

6 Jan, 2019

Tips for Teething

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When your baby starts teething, it’s no fun for anyone. It’s easy to helpless as your child goes through the discomfort that comes along with new teeth breaking through, especially since your little one doesn’t understand why he’s in pain. However, there are actually many ways you can make the teething process a bit easier [...]

3 Jan, 2018

Get your Child’s Year Started Off Right with Oral Health

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With New Year just around the corner, it's important to help your child make some resolutions that really stick. One of the best resolutions you can make for your child is better oral health. It's also an easily achievable resolution, as long as you're there to support your child's journey to improved oral health. Here's [...]

11 Apr, 2017

Your Pressing Questions About Baby Teeth Answered

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Teething. It’s one of the most exciting stages of a baby’s life, and one of the more confusing and sometimes frustrating for a new parent. As these little teeth emerge our babies grow into toddlers excited to see what those new baby teeth can do. While we may be excited for our kids to try [...]

7 Feb, 2017

Celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month

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February is here, which means it’s time to celebrate Children's Dental Health Month! This year the ADA chose to focus on the benefits of fluoride for combating tooth decay and promoting oral health. This year’s theme "Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile" aims to educate families on the many benefits of drinking tap water [...]

19 Dec, 2016

The Evolution of Toothpaste

By |December 19th, 2016|Teeth|0 Comments

Attempts at good oral hygiene have been traced all the way back to the days of the Ancient Egyptians. While King Tut may not have had the cleanest teeth by today’s standards, oral hygiene was definitely still considered an important part of healthy living. For ages humans have been trying to create the best formula [...]

3 Oct, 2016

Meet Your Teeth

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Did you know that there are four different types of teeth in your mouth? It’s true! Each different type of tooth in your mouth performs a different function and plays its own role in helping you eat, chew, and speak. To better care for your little one’s teeth, it helps to know a bit more [...]

21 Sep, 2016

When Should My Child Stop Thumbsucking?

By |September 21st, 2016|Teeth|0 Comments

It’s a natural reflex for kids to suck their thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, or other objects. As a parent, you may wonder if this is safe or when you should try to get your little ones to stop thumbsucking - here are some answers to commonly asked thumbsucking questions: Why do kids suck on fingers or [...]

5 Sep, 2016

Dental Sealant Fact or Fiction

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Sealants are a great way to prevent decay in cavity-prone areas of your mouth. They’re made up of a plastic resin coating and placed in the tiny grooves and pits in your teeth similarly to white fillings, but without the coloring. How well do you know your dental sealant fact from fiction? Dental sealants are [...]