For children with special needs, playing with toys can be a unique experience. Adaptive toys allow children with developmental issues to learn important tools such as hand eye coordination. These special toys can be as simple as a cup holder or joy-stick affair that serves as a wheelchair trainer, but can make a meaningful impact in the learning experience of children with special needs.

You may think of your local library as only a place for books, but thanks to the efforts of our local librarians at the Palm Harbor Library, adaptive toys are an option for families too. Our local Palm Harbor Library is one of only two libraries in the state of Florida that lend interactive toys for children with special needs. The library calls them Tools and Toys to Go and the toys are collected through an adaptive toy collection each year.

For families, therapists, and teachers, this program is a godsend. The cost of these toys make them difficult to purchase individually, which is why the library program is the perfect solution for this community. As your local pediatric dentist, we’re proud to work with our special needs patients each and every day. We are supportive of the adaptive toy collection at our local library, which is why our staff donates to this program rather than exchanging gifts each year.

For families looking to get involved with the adaptive toy collection, we will have a “giving tree” in our lobby. You can help in one of two ways:

  1. Make a cash donation to the library at our front desk
  2. Choose a toy from our “giving tree” and bring it here unwrapped by December 31st.

For more information about the program please visit:

As your Palm Harbor pediatric dentist, our staff is educated, experienced, and compassionate when it comes to the care of our special needs children. Children of all ages with special health care needs absolutely require comprehensive preventative dental care, which is why our staff is proud to have the tools and knowledge to care for each of our patients’ individual needs.